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Work Council basics on working conditions

Are Working Conditions a topic in your organisation? And, is there a way for me, being a Workscouncil member, to address them? Yes, there is! You're already a halfway-expert! ‘Am I? And, how do I go about that?’ Valid questions indeed! Our trainer will let you discover and expand that expertise, and learn to use it to benefit the Working Conditions. You’ll go home thinking: ‘Working Conditions are doable!’

Working Conditions are all around you: That sign with the calamity escape route. The damaged socket at the coffee machine has been there for several weeks now. The high workload now almost feels normal. These are the circumstances under which you and your colleagues work every day. In short: Working Conditions, the subject on safety and health at your workspace. And right now quite topical because for many employees their workplace - think of Corona - has suddenly (partially) shifted to… .. their own home!

What’s the plan?

Please take your backpack and get ready. First, we will find out what’s already in there. Your knowledge of your organization and the interests of your colleagues is the foundation on which this day trip is built. Basic knowledge of working conditions legislation is next. Last you will gain insight into the roles and positions of key figures on the Working Conditions playing field. With these three key elements, you will discover how you can effectively play your Works Council role. Striker? Defender? Or maybe more of a controlling midfielder?

Getting schooled or getting trained?

We believe in the latter. Knowledge and expertise quadruple in volume by using them as your tools. Our course formats are structured accordingly. For that, we need your active input and will use all the issues and/or issues in your organization. We will reserve ample time for discussion and exchange.

Working conditions, Works Council training


- You will have sufficient basic knowledge of Working Condition legislation and regulations and are able to apply them
- You will have a good idea of the Working Conditions in your organization
- You will be able to distinguish the various Working Conditions players and their roles
- You are able to use your Works Council influence in the field of Working Conditions and draw up a plan to increase the influence of the Works Council on Working Conditions-related issues


Does this training contain elements that are interesting for your entire OR? We can also offer all our individual training courses as tailor-made training for the entire works council!

Are you unable to attend one of the planned dates? Let us know. We can schedule an extra date if there are enough participants.

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