Develop yourself as a 'chief' of finance

Works Council basics on finances

This day course is also suitable for Works Council members with a mild fear of numbers.It introduces you to the most important financial concepts. Illustrated with examples out of your onw lives. You learn to read and understand the annual documents of your own organisation. Does the director say there is no money for better working conditions? After this course you will have your say.

Reading financial documents

We cover the basics of financial management. We explain the most important concepts in understandable words. You learn to read financial documents, to substantiate your own views on them and to assess the executive board's response. This will strengthen your position as a Works Council.

Active exchange

The trainer explains the content of important concepts from business economics. You test what you hear against the annual accounts that you have brought with you. You do many practical exercises. You also learn from the discussion of other annual accounts.

cursus OR, financiën, ondernemingsraad, commissie financiën


  • you can read and interpret annual accounts
  • you can assess the financial situation of your organization
  • you can better assess financial motives in decision-making
  • you can give substance to the role of the Works Council in the financial management of the organisation


Does this training contain elements that are interesting for your entire OR? We can also offer all our individual training courses as tailor-made training for the entire works council!

Are you unable to attend one of the planned dates? Let us know. We can schedule an extra date if there are enough participants.

  • 1 dag
  • 400,- p.p.
  • 16 sep. '24  

    16 sep.
    09:00 - 16:30

  • Aristo Utrecht  
  • 1 dag
  • 400,- p.p.
  • 11 dec. '24  

    11 dec.
    09:00 - 16:30

  • Aristo Utrecht  

Meer voor Ondernemingsraden

Deelnemers aan goed overleg (her)kennen elkaars competenties. Ze maken heldere afspraken en checken geregeld of ze elkaar nog steeds begrijpen. Elke speler kan zich uitspreken over belangen en emoties die spelen. Dankzij dit onderlinge vertrouwen kunnen de deelnemers zich concentreren op de inhoud van het overleg. Ze werken aan faire uitkomsten voor alle betrokkenen.